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3d character artist


3D Character Development involves the creation of visually stunning 3D characters. It encompasses the entire process of breathing life into a character, from initial concept sketches to modeling, texturing, rigging, and animating. We delve into a character's personality, backstory, and traits, shaping their appearance, expressions, and movements to convey emotions and resonate with audiences. Through meticulous attention to detail, artists craft these digital beings, infusing them with depth, realism, and uniqueness, creating compelling figures that can thrive in various media, from games and films to advertising and beyond.


• 1+ years of previous experience in modeling and character art with an understanding of both realistic and stylized character art.

Proficient with Zbrush, Maya, Blender, Substance Painter. Marvelous Designer is a plus.

• A history of effective collaboration within diverse teams, including technical artists, artists, and riggers.

• Understanding of how rigging, animation, facial animation, and blend shapes can affect character models.

• Self-motivated and able to work independently without the need for constant oversight.

• Sufficient knowledge of human anatomy, clothing construction (wrinkle behavior), proportion, silhouette, and topology as it relates to modeling, texturing, and shading.

Willing to work on-site.


• Creating game and film characters from scratch following a concept art or art direction by keeping in mind and following the technical requirements.

• Creating of textures (diffuse, normal map, specular, gloss/roughness, displacement) needed to display a visually appealing character for intended project/s.

• Working closely with Tech Art, concept art and other dependent departments throughout the character production process.

• Collaborate and exchange artistic directions and ideas with Artists, Art Directors and sub-team Leads.

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