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3d environment artist


The Game Art Department excels in crafting visually stunning worlds for animation, games, and VFX, showcasing adaptability to diverse art styles. They adeptly conceptualize, model, optimize, texture, and set dress, ensuring immersive settings for storytelling and gaming across artistic styles, seamlessly integrating with visual effects for a truly cinematic or gaming experience.


• 2+ years of previous experience in the video game/animation industry.

• Strong foundational art skills. Understanding of composition, form, color, and light in relation to crafting environments

• Understanding of modular workflows as it relates to architectural assembly and asset creation.

• Advanced skill in their discipline software: Maya or Blender

• Self-motivated, independent, with strong work ethic

• Egoless attitude that welcomes feedback and criticism, and enjoys working in a collaborative, iterative, and agile process.

• Shares ownership of work with other artists.

• Proven abilities in optimized 3D asset creation

• Solid experience of PBR workflows

• Experience working with ZBrush, Photoshop, Substance Painter & Designer and Unreal engine/Unity

Willing to work onsite.


• Create high-quality realistic and Stylized 3D assets (clothes, props, structures, weapons, etc.) using the latest hard-surface, organic modeling and texturing techniques.

• Craft environment art that incorporates the needs of both high-level art and design direction as needed for a given space.

• Work revisions are due to direction rather than quality.

• Pre-Production – plan and prioritize tasks to ensure best possible results.

• Helps to troubleshoot and fix content when identified.

• Assess risks in your work and manage its timely delivery.

• Collaborate and Exchange artistic directions and ideas with Artists, Designers, Art Directors, sub-team Leads

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