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junior lighting & surfacing artist


The Look Development department; also known as the lighting and surfacing department, is in charge of taking the models and textures provided by the modeling departments to create materials and surfaces that matches the overall art direction provided by the concept art/visual development department. We are the last department in the pipe, the final touch. It is our duty to bring justice to the project and everyones efforts. We make sure everyone looks pretty and gorgeous.


• 3D Generalist

• Strong understanding of composition and color theory

• Is willing to undergo on-the-job training if need be

• Works well with a team

• Can follow direction well

• Problem solving skills

• Proficiency in Blender, Maya and After Effects (Nuke is a plus)

• Experience with Redshift is a plus

• 3D Portfolio/Demo Reel of latest work

Willing to work on-site


• Responsible for shading, lighting, rendering, and compositing shots during production

• Work closely with Concept Art/Visual Development Team and Look Development Director to develop the overall look and feel of the project

• Light scenes dependent on time of day, overall mood, atmosphere and depth of shots

• Communicate ideas across teams and departments

• Can create procedural shaders/textures with Blender’s shader node editor is a plus

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