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junior 3d animator


A team of people solidly built from the ground up, the Animation Department consists of specialists in the craft of motion and storytelling. We make it our mission to instill passion with every project we undertake and find significance even in the smallest ideas we come across. Our purpose is to breathe life into anything we can get our hands on, so in truth, we're not only aspiring actors but also wizards. We value trust and teamwork above else as we maintain an environment conducive to each other's growth. Every animator we have is a puppeteer in one's right with strings that can only be pulled upwards.


• A portfolio or animation reel of your recent and best works (3D animation only)

• Proficiency in programs such as Blender, Autodesk Maya, Premiere and After Effects

• Preferably a bachelor's degree in computer animation or a related field

• Deep knowledge on the disciplines and principles of animation

• Communicative to teammates and conducive to a helping environment

• Basic diagnostic skills

• Flexible to various animation styles

• Confidence in acting skills

Willing to work on-site


• Create vivid storytelling animations for any kind of project

• Produce high-quality animations that are completed within deadlines

• Implement feedback and changes whenever possible

• Suggest and implement best practices and optimizations throughout animation projects

• Ensure proper checking milestones are reached

• Work closely with every department in streamlining projects

• Researching visual style, genre, and technologies to produce each individual project

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