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My Ghost, Where'd You Go?

My Ghost was, what many would call, "serendipity". We were working with a concept artist on a project for a different studio, and we eventually became friends. When her cute little comic about this ghost got published by a local publishing company, we gave her a peice of "fan art" as a gift, which grew and turned into a small project of ours. We then decided to take seriously and actually produce into a series.

The story is about this tiny alabaster ghost, named AJ, as he wanders through the world. He does not know where he is, he doesn't even know how he got here, everything is so new to him, yet so familiar. So he drifts through reality, slowly discovering tiny frangible pieces of himself, until he discovers what he was really looking for -his peace.

The format is 2 mins. x 22 eps. 3D-animated slice-of-life directed by John Aurthur Mercader, written and co-directed by Dione Kong.

We are currently working on the pilot episode which will be available soon, and we very much welcome the possibility of co-production, licensing, investors, and distribution. Please feel free to shoot us any questions through our e-mail,


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