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Become part of an extremely talented team of artists who share a passion for pushing the boundaries of 3D animation in the Philippines.

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Career Opportunities

career opportunities

This is your chance to create something wonderful. We have some exciting new projects in the works, and we need passionate artists to build these worlds with us! 

Send in your reel/portfolio to

Our Departments


Visual Development

We specialize in visualizing and conceptualizing ideas across various industries, employing a range of skills such as character design, environmental art, and prop creation. Through the use of 2D techniques, we craft detailed representations that serve as the visual foundation for projects, working closely with other departments to ensure alignment with overarching goals.


Character Development

We are involved in the creation of visually stunning 3D characters. We breathe life into a character, from initial concept sketches to modeling, texturing, and rigging. We delve into a character's personality, backstory, and traits, shaping their appearance, expressions, and movements to convey emotions and resonate with audiences.


Game Art Department

We excel in crafting visually stunning worlds for animation, games, and VFX, showcasing adaptability to diverse art styles. We adeptly conceptualize, model, optimize, texture, and set dress, ensuring immersive settings for storytelling and gaming across artistic styles, seamlessly integrating with visual effects for a truly cinematic or gaming experience.


Animation Department

We are specialists in the craft of motion and storytelling. Our purpose is to breathe life into anything we can get our hands on, so in truth, we're not only aspiring actors but also wizards. Every animator we have is a puppeteer in one's right with strings that can only be pulled upwards.


Look Development Department

We are involved in the development of the overall look and feel of stunning images—ensuring the cohesion of color, imagety and composition. We are the last department in the pipeline, the final touch. Also known as the Lighting & Surfacing Departmentit is our duty to bring justice to the project and everyone's efforts. We make sure everyone looks pretty and gorgeous.

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